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Detailed Valuations for the Purposes of Insurance

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Hawksworth Valuations provide highly detailed valuations for the purposes of insurance, whether on the basis of retail replacement or open market values.

Insurance valuations are perhaps the most common type of valuation encountered by the majority of valuers. Valuation for insurance replacement is based on replacement cost, that is, the retail price (including Value Added Tax) of replacing an item of goods with a reasonably equivalent item. A valuation for insurance replacement does not reflect the figure likely to be obtained if the the goods are sold.

Why do I need to have my silver and regalia valued?

Insurance companies insist in valuables being valued by a reputable valuer, however many people do not have their silver and regalia insured at the correct value – this is vital if you ever need to make a claim to your insurance company. To ensure that you obtain the most appropriate valuation report for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I understand that silver and regalia valuations can appear quite daunting, but can guide you through the valuation document in order to help you better understand your requirements.

Who should value my silver and regalia?

Valuations should be undertaken by qualified specialists who adhere to the highest standards of the Institute of Registered Valuers. You can rest assured that all silver valuations are carried out by The National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers members.

Contact me today for advice on how to obtain an insurance valuation report

Our in-house valuer Steven Jordan is a Regalia Valuation Specialist. He has valued Maces, Chains of Office, Badges, and other associated items for insurance or year end inventory. He has undertaken valuations for numerous corporations and high profile collections, including Royal Ascot, Royal Thames Yacht Club, Royal Navy trophy collection and Grand Lodge. Please contact Steven to discuss your needs or book a consultation.

See some of the latest testimonials from some of my satisfied clients, or if you would like to know more about my valuation process and examples, visit my work page.

Types of Insurance Valuations and their Explanations

NRV New Replacement Value.

This value reflects the average current new replacement cost of a similar article of equivalent quality. It does not, however, allow for recreating a handmade facsimile of the original. Most modern items will normally be expected to be described under this heading.

SHRV Second-hand Replacement Value.

This value reflects the current second-hand replacement cost of a similar article of equivalent quality and in like condition.

ARV Antique Replacement Value.

This value should enable the owner to obtain a similar antique replacement article of equivalent quality and in like condition, and is normally ascribed to articles believed to be one hundred or more years old.

FV Facsimile Value.

This value reflects the likely current replacement costs of creating a facsimile of the original utilising the same quality materials and processes. It should be noted that this is a type of valuation rarely used and only in specific instances (for further explanation please discuss with the valuer). The vast majority of modern silver and regalia will, even if handmade, be adequately covered by the standard new replacement qualification.