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Trophy valuations in London

The vast majority of silver and trophy collections are under insured. It is not uncommon for collections to be insured against a five year valuation.

On the 18th June 2006 silver was £12.18 per troy oz - today (18th June 2021) the fix is £19.07 per troy oz.* This could mean a substantial financial deficit against a physical loss.

It is the mark of sound management to have trophy collections in care regularly reassessed and recorded.

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I am a Regalia Valuation Specialist and have valued Maces, Chains of Office, Badges, and other associated items for insurance or year end inventory. Steven has undertaken valuations for numerous corporations and high profile collections, including Royal Ascot, Royal Thames Yacht Club, Royal Navy trophy collection and Grand Lodge. Please contact me to book a consultation.

* information Cooksons Gold (Precious Metals)

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